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Content: Don’t miss the target.

3. April 2011 12:15 Uhr  |  admin  |  Permalink

The DLM Forum Member Meeting will be in Budapest (Hungary) on 12th – 13th May 2011. Participation of non-member professionals of the fields of public administration, records management, archives and research are also invited. „Content: Don’t miss the target.” The program for the DLM Forum Member Meeting at Budapest, May…


MoReq 2010 Update 15.02.2011

16. Februar 2011 08:52 Uhr  |  admin  |  Permalink

Das DLM Forum / MoReq Governance Board hat am 15.02.2011 eine Nachricht zum aktuellen Stand von MoReq2010 veröffentlicht: These are exciting times for the MoReq2010 project as we approach final publication of the new specification. So much has been done that it is hard to remember that we only…


MoReq2010 Update February 2001

14. Februar 2011 09:33 Uhr  |  admin  |  Permalink

The core modules of MoReq2010 have been reviewed. There have been about 600 comments from the public consultation plus a lot of comments from the review baord. The DLM Forum plans to publish MoReq2010 core modules later this week on the DLM Forum website. The accreditation programme and the test…